About Us

I always knew I wanted children. I dreamed and imagined myself holding hands with my little one while taking a walk in the park. It wasn’t an easy task for us, in fact, we had been trying to conceive for several months. Next thing we knew, our little Hannah was on her way. I was filled with so much excitement, happiness, and I just couldn’t wait to meet her. Seeing her in 3D/4D was such an amazing experience, that it left me wishing every parent would experience it. I was fortunate to see her smile, and stick her little tongue out, see her little nose, lips, and her beautiful little face. I remember having a great big smile that nothing and no one could wipe away. After I saw her for the first time, I knew in my heart I had to see her again. The second experience was as wonderful and amazing as the first. I want all families to be able to experience the amazing moment that it is to see their unborn baby. This is why we, Little Toes & Fingers Ultrasound, are committed to giving our clients the type of service and attention they will never forget.